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Learn something new | Courses starting at $19.99
Learn something new | Courses starting at $19.99
Edmonton companies team-up to deliver Indigenous online learning

Edmonton companies team-up to deliver Indigenous online learning

Naheyawin goes online with Indigenous Awareness training for the first time in partnership with TIQ Software 

EDMONTON - April 23, 2020

With everyone shutting doors, windows and hunkering down to battle the current crisis, Edmonton-based Indigenous-owned company, Naheyawin, refuses to slow down and let COVID-19 stop them. Brother and sister team Jacquelyn and Hunter Cardinal are breaking the traditional format of in-person corporate courses and offering their Indigenous awareness course with a twist — Now, it’s online and for everyone.

“Edmonton is home to one of the fastest growing urban Indigenous populations in Canada. We are working where the work needs to be done,” said Jacquelyn Cardinal, Naheyawin’s Co-Founder and Managing Director.

It’s no surprise that Naheyawin, the company whose innovative thinking was behind the theatrical play Lake of the Strangers, winning Edmonton’s prestigious Sterling Award for Outstanding New Play in 2019, would be open to explore the power of modern online learning, or E-learning.

“We’re lucky that we have partners like TIQ Software to help us gain a footing in online course delivery,” she said.

Cardinal said the economic impact of COVID-19 has been hard on them, since they rely on live workshops for revenue, so while moving courses online was always the next step, the current situation has spurred them forward.

To accomplish this goal, they teamed up with local TIQ Software to bring about the change from in-person to online learning and help solve the challenges ahead. Cardinal said as a team, Naheyawin has always struggled with their natural capacity to reach everyone they need to.

“We can only be in one place at a time,” she said, adding that the online course would allow Naheyawin to expand their reach geographically and allow an inclusive path for different learning abilities, even those who like to learn on their own instead of in a workshop or corporate training setting. Now they could be everywhere. 

This course was too important for Cardinal to not expand its reach, “Indigenous Awareness provides the foundation for all Canadians to understand where we’ve been and where we are now, so we can dream about where we wish to go and strategize about how to take tangible steps to get there,” she said.


Jacquelyn Cardinal - Naheyawin

Jacquelyn and Hunter

  • “This course really is the story of who we are, where we come from, and what the future could hold for all of us.”
  • “With Hunter’s acting and my entrepreneurship background, as well as our shared passion for our culture, we started Naheyawin in the hopes that we could help our communities get excited to build a future together.” - On why her and Hunter Cardinal began Naheyawin.
  • “Our online course will allow us to expand our reach geographically as well as enable us to provide our content at a lower price than in-person training allowed.”
  • “I’m extremely excited about the future of E-learning. I think it will help us hugely expand how we think about what education is and what true knowledge building is from something that can only be gained from specific institutions to something that can be done from anywhere, about anything, at a pace that works for the learner.”
  • “Our goal is to not be needed one day! Hunter and I dream of a day when we tell our respective grandchildren about what we did at Naheyawin, and them being shocked and laughing at the prospect of people not already having what we are providing.” 


Indigenous Awareness

Embracing diversity in the workplace improves and enriches the lives of everyone. To provide tools to Canadians wishing to move towards more inclusive spaces. This course provides practical approaches to best embrace diversity and a base understanding of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities, the changing nature of the relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples through time, and the importance of treaties to Canada as a whole.

We are an agency poised and working to help business, non-profits, and institutions reinvigorate the spirit of Treat into their organizations and build the bridges they need to cross into terrain they have not ventured before.

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